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What Services can you get from our Gigolos?

HireMe4Sex is dedicated to the pursuit of providing women with the attention, care and companionship they crave, by connecting you with heterosexual male escorts. Women’s needs are as complex as women themselves, and our gigolos are well-versed in the art of conversation, entertainment and chivalry as well as they are expert in the art of making love.

Women hire our gigolos to have an attractive and well-read companion for business events or social occasions, as traveling companions, or for a gentleman to take out for a night on the town. It is you who will decide how your time will be spent, your professional and safe gigolo is there to serve you and your desires, whether it’s a night of dancing, or an intimate hotel encounter, your pleasure is of paramount importance.

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3 Great Tips For A Great Gigolo Date

1. Have a conversation with the gigolo male escort you want to meet

Every person is unique, and that carries through to our gigolos. Discuss your plans and make sure that he is suited to your needs, as this interaction is about you, the client, you must do your part by selecting a man who will provide those attributes in which you are most interested for that particular encounter.

2. Meeting in a public place will give you more confidence

Many of our clients find that meeting in a public space such as a bar or a restaurant, provides a feeling of safety and security that allows them to relax and get to know their new companion, making for a more satisfying experience overall.

3. You are his Queen!

You are under no obligation to choose any gigolo, you have the right to change your mind and you have the right to end any encounter if you feel uncomfortable. He is there only to please you!

HireMe4Sex Is About More Than Sex!

You can hire a gigolo for any occasion, without any pressure to engage in sex. Your male escort is there to bring you pleasure in whatever reasonable way you might desire it, a romantic dinner, dancing, shopping, a sensual massage, or just someone to talk to.

Our gigolos pride themselves on being professionals, and will always follow your lead. You will never be made to feel pressured into any form of unwanted intimacy by a HireMe4Sex gigolo, you have paid for their time, and it is you who decides how it is spent. Our gigolos mission is for you to have the best experience possible, and they understand that sex is not always a woman’s prime motivation when seeking companionship.

Any man over 21 can be a HireMe4Sex gigolo!

Becoming a HireMe4Sex gigolo is simple and easy. Just create your gigolo profile, upload photos, enter your stats, and describe your likes along with anything else that you think will appeal to your female clientele. You can modify your profile at any time and we protect your privacy by only allowing members to view your pictures or other identifying data.

There is a misconception that gigolos must look like fashion models, and it is simply untrue. Women are much more concerned with the man you are than what you look like, even in a casual encounter such as a gigolo date. If you are well-groomed, well-mannered, and are capable of treating a women with chivalry and respect, you’re already 90% of the way towards being a success! Our successful gigolos come from every walk of life, and the key to your success is your ability to make your client feel like she is the most important woman in the world for those few hours you spend together.

HireMe4Sex Provides Gigolo and Male Escort Services

Building on our market dominance of the Middle East and Asia, HireMe4Sex is expanding to provide our unique and valuable service to adventurous women worldwide. Women who have decided to live their lives on their own terms, women who know what they want and are willing to reach out and take it.

HireMe4Sex is in the business of providing attentive, intelligent gentlemen who embody our single-minded goal of showing liberated women the best times of their lives with the utmost in safety and discretion.

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What Kind of Women Hire a Gigolo?

At HireMe4Sex, women from all walks of life take their personal satisfaction into their own hands, hiring a man to provide them pleasure, rather than leaving it to chance. They can be professional executives, university professors, or even bored housewives, but they all have needs that are equally valid and require fulfilling.

A gigolo date can involve nearly anything, limited only by the imagination of the client and mutual consent, from a companion to a visit a museum or theatre, a handsome bit of arm candy for a business or social function, a travel companion, shopping companion, any situation where a woman would feel a desire for the presence of an attentive male by her side.

HireMe4Sex connects these liberated women to men who can show them the good time they desire, and proudly serves six of earth’s seven continents (sorry, Antarctica).

HireMe4Sex is for women to hire male companions, there are no call girls, no female escorts, and no female money seekers, only real women seeking and willing to pay for the company of exceptional men.

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